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Why We Founded Zevo — A New Safe & Powerful Insect Protection Brand

This is a post I made on Linkedin when I co-founded and launched Zevo at Procter & Gamble.

My name is Sean Lee and I am the head of marketing and a co-founder of Zevo, a new safe and powerful insect protection brand. We make products that are alternatives to traditional insecticides. All of our products are powerful on bugs, while also safe for use around people and pets.

We founded Zevo based on the simple belief that we want to make better choices for our families. I am very conscious about the products and ingredients I bring into my home and I want my home to be the best it can be for me, my wife, and our beloved cat, Keys. After dealing with an ant and fruit fly infestation, I was overwhelmed (or really underwhelmed) by the lack of choices in the insect category. This led me to start researching and I found out that the most common insecticide brands have been using almost the same ingredients since they launched in the 1950s.

I knew there had to be a way to create products with transparent ingredients that get rid of bugs, without causing harm to the people and pets we love. That’s when I became passionate about solving this dilemma. Fortunately, I’ve had AMAZING co-founders and team members at Procter & Gamble who also share the same passion for solving this problem.

While creating Zevo, our team operated on simple principles rooted in our commitment to you:

1.) Create products that are effective and worry-free. There is a lack of effective and worry-free choices because the insect control market has been dominated by just a few companies for far too long.

2.) Carefully select powerful, high quality ingredients that target bugs, and not people or pets. Our active ingredients are powerful, essential oils that are lab tested and proven to work fast. Many insect control brands use pyrethroids that have been in use since the 1950s. It’s 2018 and it’s time for a new approach.

3.) Be transparent about what we put in our products. Every one of our ingredients is not only clear in color, but also clearly listed on the front of our packages. Most legacy insect control brands choose not to disclose their full formulas on their packages.

4.) Use recyclable and modern packaging. Unlike other packaging, highlighted with bright “danger colors,” you can feel comfortable storing our products in any room of your house.

Most importantly, we get our motivation by hearing from people who love our products. Like Ann, from Orlando Florida who said “This pest spray is like MAGIC! I am blown away by how easy and effective it is. I want to keep it on hand at all times.”

We hope you’ll consider trying Zevo for yourself while we’ll continue to stay focused on changing insect control for the better.

As the lawyers would say. Always use the products you buy as directed and read the label.

Want to learn more about the lessons learned when launching Zevo? Check out my blog post on the differences between startup and Big Co Brand launches.

About the author

Sean is the Vice President of Digital Marketing & eCommerce at Pure Romance and he previously founded the Zevo brand for P&G. He is a classically trained marketing executive, with leadership experience in brand building innovation, digital marketing, e-commerce, general management, and P&L ownership.
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