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Marketing Executive. Innovator. Speaker. Consultant.

About Sean Lee - A Marketing Executive in Cincinnati Specializing in Digital, eCommerce, and Innovation. Available for Consulting.

Sean is a classically trained marketing executive, with leadership experience in brand building innovation, digital marketing, e-commerce, general management, and P&L ownership. Sean has an entrepreneurial mindset with experience working across diverse sectors and business environments (beauty, pet care, male grooming, insect control, direct sales, start-up brands, and a Fortune 100 company). Sean founded the Zevo Brand at Procter & Gamble by identifying the addressable market, product-market fit, and launched it as a digitally native Brand. Sean built out the Pure Romance Digital Marketing and eCommerce business unit from a strategic whitespace area to a high performing team leading a digital marketing transformation. Sean lives the “Lean Innovation” approach and is disciplined about testing hypotheses with clear measurements to either “pass, pivot, or persevere.”

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