Growth Hacking & Digital Consulting Services

Innovation & Digital Workshops (1 Day)

Are you stuck trying to create your Brands innovation strategy? With so many digital channels and metrics, do you know where to start when building your digital strategy? I can help with expert digital marketing consulting services.

I can bring my expertise to your company or Brand. I am a proponent of the Eric Ries, Lean Innovation Model. It’s a fantastic model of learning quickly with real customers, failing fast, and pivoting where needed. In this workshop, we’ll spend the day going through your Brand’s challenges and identify it’s potential.

We will jointly identify a series of hypotheses that your Brand can test and align on the metrics that matter. We’ll focus on what experiments can get you real time data quickly. After the results come in, we can decide if we want to pass, pivot, or persevere on a specific hypothesis.

This model has proven to work over and over again. I’ve used it to drive explosive growth for Old Spice, to find the insight and media vehicles to build the Zevo Insect brand at P&G, and to build a high growth eCommerce plan at Pure Romance. We can apply the same principles to unlock the potential in your business.

Direct-To-Consumer & eCommerce Marketing Planning

Sean Lee can help your company with direct-to-consumer and eCommerce  marketing planning.
Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Brand Landscape – Lude Rong via Medium

Do you have a new DTC Brand you want to take to market or are you leading an established brand you want to begin selling direct? I can help.

Sean led every aspect of developing the DTC infrastructure for Zevo Insect at P&G (P&G’s first digitally native launch) and he developed the eCommerce strategy and department org structure for Pure Romance.

I can help with any topic you are struggling with:

  • Selling platform selection and set-up (Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, etc)
  • Home page, landing page, and product page best practices
  • SEO / SEM
  • Analytics set-up
  • Acquisition marketing set-up, ad strategy, and cost-per-acquisition tracking
  • Audience creation and targeting on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Pinterest
  • Retention marketing strategy and platforms fit for your size (CRM, Email, SMS)
  • Third Party Logistics (3PL), warehousing, and shipping
  • Amazon 3rd Party Selling (3P), advertising, and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)
  • Executive coaching and education on digital topics. I have a unique ability to talk about high-level concepts in an understandable way drive by my deep understanding of the executional details.

Acquisition & Retention Marketing Planning

Do you have an existing digital acquisition and retention plan you want to improve or do you need help developing one? I can help.

I offer multiple growth driving services:

  • OPTIMIZE: Review your existing digital marketing plan with your team and offer ways to drive profitable growth.
  • CREATE: Create an a-la-carte digital acquisition, lead generation, or retention plan for your Brand/company. I can also create a comprehensive end-to-end plan for all three.

Concept Creation and Digital Validation With Customers

Are you struggling to write a new product or service concepts? Or do you have great concepts, but can’t afford expensive focus groups and claims study tests provided by “Big Market Research” agencies? I can help.

I offer multiple growth driving services:

  • Concept writing or coaching on how to write succinct concepts. How to write the hook/tension, main benefit, and reasons-to-believe that your product or service improves your customer’s life.
  • Quick and efficient concept testing with real customers using landing pages, social ads, email sign-up.
  • Digital claim testing using real customers.
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